Where to store cryptocurrency

Crypto is not stored anywhere as it is not data. It is simply a really long number that unlocks your money.

You start by generating an extremely long random number called a SEED. usually containing 64 digits mixed with the letters ABCDEF among the digits. This seed alone can unlock all your money no matter what app or website you used to “store” your cryptocurrency. A wallet is any app or website that takes a seed (or generates one for you) and creates another address known as your wallet address where you can receive funds for a particular currency.

The SEED is crucial to write down in paper on a secure place, away from your any electronic device. If your SEED is saved in a Word document or email, anyone can search your computer for long numbers and steal your funds just by entering your SEED on any wallet software.

You can also encrypt your SEED in a text file protected with a password. While this method still leaves the SEED in your computer, at least it can be protected by a strong password.