Where can I get coins?

The easiest way to receive any kind of crypto is simply to ask someone you know to send you some.

Cryptocurrency is “bought” in websites called exchanges where you exchange it for some of your regular bank currency such as USD. There are exchanges all over the world to cover each country and currency available.

Other Places:

Many crypto projects have websites called faucets that give away very small amounts of crypto for newcomers.

In online forums such as Discord, Reddit and Telegram, you can often find “tipbots” for some coins that allow you to receive a particular coin just by starting a conversation with the bot. Start by going to the coin’s homepage and look for links to Discord and Telegram. Many coins such as Banano, Dogecoin, Garlicoin, etc. have a culture of “tipping” new users using these bots for very small amounts similar to faucets.